Inside the Dike
by Don Piett
First off I apologize for not keeping this website up to date.  In my defence (excuses) it has been a pretty rough week around here.

On Sunday April 7th my brother in law Geordie Pratt passed away.  Geordie had been suffering from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) for a number of years.  He was on oxygen full time and had been housebound over the winter.  It was still a shock, as he had been in good spirits and able to move around the house up to a couple of weeks ago.

There were gatherings of family and friends during the week culminating in a Celebration of Geordie's life on Friday.  On Saturday we had a BBQ attended by all the family, both local and visiting.

On Wednesday, Brenda's Dad who has been living with us since May of last year wasn't feeling well and had a fever.  He was very weak.  He did have something to eat and went to bed.  In the middle of the night he tried to get up and wound up on the floor of his bedroom. 
He was very weak and couldn't really help much, but Brenda and I got him up and sitting in his recliner in the living room.  The next morning, Thursday, he still had a fever and was so weak he couldn't get out of the chair, so we called the ambulance,  and they took him to Altona Hospital.  We spent most of Thursday afternoon at the hospital.  Allan slept a lot and was still very weak.

The hospital did some blood tests and x-rays and admitted him.  He is still in the hospital, Report this morning (Sunday April 14) is that he is up and eating, so that is an improvement.
Anyhow it has been a challenging week.  We have no idea how it is going to play out with Brenda's Dad.  Certainly if he comes back here, he will have to be strong enough to walk from one end of this big house to the other and get out of his bed and chair by himself.  He is a big guy and we can help, but really can't do much if he isn't able to help as well.

We will just have to see where events take us.